Our March 'look of the month'!

Spring is in the air and as the flowers are starting to appear, we thought our ‘look of the month’ for March should mirror this beautiful time of year.


The wedding dress we have chosen is called Bluebell and is from our Jane&Edward collection. Based on the Victoriana look, Bluebell’s fitted bodice and ballerina skirt are both made from deluxe silk dupion and create the perfect silhouette. As the skirt just skims the ankle it is the perfect length for dancing and showing off these beautiful lace shoes,  ‘Dora’ from Harriet Wilde.


We’ve kept the blue theme throughout this look so as well as the velvet blue ribbon which accentuates the waistline, this stunning, one of a kind, Nigella Necklace made by Rachel Hyde and blue Sugar Butterfly flowers make a perfect accompaniment.


We also appreciate that March still isn’t as warm as we’d like it to be so we’ve included a fitted lace jacket in the look. Made of the same beautiful, bold Chantilly lace that is on the dress, it will give you a bit more warmth and is even finished off with a matching blue velvet bow. 

The veil echoes the Victoriana look because of its rectangular cut and the sheerness of the tulle still allows the intricate details of     the dress to show through.

Last, but not least, I hope you don’t think we’re trying to be too twee but we’ve included a parasol from Naysmith umbrellas in the March look. It looks fabulous with the dress and it’s there just in case the sun comes out!

If you want to try this look or any of our other inspirational ideas for yourself then don't hesitate to get in touch on 01746 768968 to book your appointment.