Not just a veil....the right veil

Wearing a veil on your wedding day has been a custom for a very long time and even though it is steeped with tradition, we think that wearing a veil can be the perfect finish to your contemporary wedding look. No matter what style you go for (and there are so many to choose from) there’s nothing that says ‘bride’ more than wearing the perfect veil. 

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For our brides wearing a veil is a completely personal decision. Some brides do not believe it will go with the feel of their wedding but others base their dress around having the veil that they've fallen in love with. For many of our brides this decision is not made until the moment when their dress is finished, they stand in front of a mirror, try on the perfect veil and realise their bridal look is complete.

Here at My little Wedding Shop we work with you to design your perfect veil that compliments both your dress and the theme of your wedding. Whether you go for a completely plain veil, a lace edged cathedral length veil or even choose a veil made of chiffon or organza, we can help you pick a look that will go perfectly with your dress. 

We have many styles of veil here at the boutique  for you to try on to see what shape and style suits you, wether you choose a cute little shoulder length veil (as chosen by me on my wedding day!) or a long veil that fits perfectly over the train of your wedding dress.  Your veil can be edged with lace, hand embellished with beading, have Swarovski embellished hand cut scallops or be left plain. You can also choose to have a coloured veil to tie in with the theme of your wedding or you can match the lace on your dress so that your veil becomes an extension of the beautiful lace underneath.

With so many options it can be confusing, so our biggest tip is to make an appointment, bring your gown and take the opportunity to try everything on together before you make your decision.  You may find the perfect finishing touch you've been searching for.