What it really means to have your Wedding Dress made for you...

There are certain questions that we get asked quite a lot here at My little Wedding shop, like "how long does the process of making a dress usually take?", "what happens if I am trying to lose weight?" or our favourite "so I really can have anything I want?" and yes, you really can have anything you want!

The beauty of what we do here is that every brides dress is created by us from scratch. From taking measurements, pattern development, fitting to your shape and hand sewing on the last finishing touches, we work with you every step of the way to create your perfect outfit. 

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So here are a few answers to the questions we are regularly asked..

How long does the process usually take?

We usually work with brides over 6 months to a year, but it really does depend on your time frame. We can accommodate for most brides whether you are getting married in 2 months or 3 years so all you need to do is ask!

You are very welcome to visit the boutique at any time but we  do advise you book a private appointment at the boutique if you wish to try on any of our in-house label Jane&Edward dresses or  discuss a bespoke design with us. If you then decide to go ahead and order with My little Wedding Shop we will book your fittings into the diary to fit into your schedule.

We usually recommend 3 fittings. In each appointment you will see your dress progress more and more until your final fitting when you will get to try your gown on with your chosen accessories and see your full bridal trosuseau all together. We also offer an additional 'dressing lesson' when you can bring along your designated dresser to have a practice run at dressing you before your big day!


Can I make a change to the design throughout the fittings?

Yes! We understand that it can be quite difficult to picture what your dress is going to look like on you from a design, so if you wanted to make slight changes to the design throughout the fitting process then you are more than welcome.

One of the lovely things about having your wedding outfit made is that if, for example we have designed your dress with long sleeves and you decide that you would rather have 3/4 sleeves then we will be able to change that for you! Or if you decide on a different belt design, more/less embellishments or beading then we can mock up options for you to choose from in your fittings. Any big changes may incur an additional charge but we would warn you of that before we make the discussed change. 


What if I lose weight?

Before we start work on your dream outfit, we take all of your measurements (it's quite painless, don't worry!) and from there we order in your fabrics and develop your pattern for cutting.

If you have lost weight then that is why we have your fitting appointments. In each appointment we make sure the fit is right, you are comfortable and feel as amazing as you should feel on your Wedding day. If however you are still worried about how much weight you will lose before your big day, then we can book in your fittings closer to the date so that we can make 100% sure that you are happy with the look that you want for your special day. 

What do I need to bring to my first fitting?

We recommend that you bring any shoes with you that you think you may wear on the day. If you have not already decided on shoes then we have a super collection of different styles & heel heights for you to try here at the boutique. This allows us to hem your dress to work with your chosen heel height and ensure you have the confidence to dance the night away!

If you are planning on wearing certain underwear on the day then that will make fitting the garment to you a lot easier or if you have yet to decide then just plain light coloured underwear will be fine and we can advise on what undergarments would be appropriate. 

We stock a wide range of accessories in the boutique including shoes, lingerie, jewellery, hair pieces and veils. We recommend that you wait for your second fitting before deciding on veils & accessories to match your outfit, as by then, your outfit will really be taking shape and you will be able to try different accessories on to see what will pull your look together. 

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When do I collect my dress?

We are more than happy to keep your dress here at the boutique up until your big day free of charge! Many of our brides collect their order the week before their wedding or if you would rather collect it before that,  we are more than happy to package it up for you to store at home.

Usually we enclose your garments in plastic and then cover that with a dress bag (so that prying eyes can't see in). However if you are looking to get married abroad then we can pack your dress into a travel box. Just as a little note, if you get in touch with your airline and explain that you will be transporting your wedding dress with them, your airline will often have a specific bridal gown box you can order which will ensure your outfit can be stowed away in an overhead compartment.   

So I really can have anything I want?

Yes! We work with you so that we can transform an idea that you have had in your head into a beautiful outfit that works for you on your perfect day.


The process that we offer is different for everyone. Whether you have a specific idea in your head, Pinterest boards full of pictures, a colour theme that you want to compliment, or you lack inspiration altogether, then we can help you try to figure out what suits your shape and theme of your wedding day.

We have books of lace designs, a range of fabrics in different weights and shades and our own in-house collections to give lots of inspiration and we are always here to help. 

Early Design Version

Early Design Version

Updated design

Updated design

Final Design

Final Design

Finished gown

Finished gown

The design process for a bespoke gown is really fun and you can really start to open your mind up to the possibilities.  Once you have chosen the silhouette and overall 'feel' that you would like, we can then start to explore fabric options, lace choices and personal embellishments that make a design truly yours. During this design phase, we will sketch up your design with the different options we have shortlisted and provide you with a quote. We are happy to keep updating this design until we have it just right!

Design Version 1

Design Version 1

Final Design

Final Design

Finished Gown

Finished Gown

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Here at My little Wedding Shop we believe you really can wear anything you want to on your wedding day and we would love to help you make your dream outfit a reality, so feel free to book an appointment with us to start the process of creating your one of a kind outfit.