New workshop space!

It has been an exciting couple of months here at My little Wedding Shop as we have been investing time in setting up our new workshop as part of our little expansion!


As many of you know, I love our little boutique, but we have struggled for space over the last couple of years and our beautiful shop has started to look very full! So earlier this year Georgina and I made the big decision to take on a new workshop where we could focus on creating beautiful gowns for our brides and gain back a little space in the boutique!

So at the end of August we finally got the keys and started getting the place ready!


It took a lot of paint, cleaning products, elbow grease and the incredible commitment of Georgina and my Mum, but after a few days we had the new space cleaned, painted and ready for carpet!


We are incredibly indebted to George’s father Graham for insisting on laying the carpet for us. As much as I advocate a DIY approach to most activities, I can genuinely say, I was not confident I could lay carpet effectively! George and Graham made a super team and the end result was simply perfection!

Our new workshop is approx a 70 second walk from our beautiful boutique so moving our materials and equipment across was much quicker and simpler to do as pedestrians than it would have been by car, even if we did get some odd looks when it came to walking our tailors dummies down the street!


So our new workshop space is up and running and it is perfect. Light, spacious and with room to race our wheelie-chairs should we so wish! We have even been able to get new recruits to our tailor dummy army as they have their own space in the workshop.


We are thrilled that we have found a space so close, so all our gowns are still very proudly Made in Bridgnorth!


So a huge thank you to everyone for your patience while we get this space ready and we have been a little backwards and forwards. But we are back to normal opening and our little boutique is suddenly feeling quite spacious…time for a little re-vamp methinks!