Zoe and her rainbow Inspired creation!

I don’t mean to make anyone jealous but we really do have the best job in the world here. We get to meet amazing brides with such adventurous and ‘off-the-wall’ ideas and get to bring them to life. As you can probably tell from the pictures below, Zoe’s dress was no exception to this.

ZB WD Design V4.jpg

We met Zoe last autumn and talked through some ideas where rainbow colours were definitely key! After Zoe tried on a few of our collection dresses to decide on shapes and silhouettes, we went ahead with designing a few ideas for Zoe to choose from.

After some deliberating, Zoe decided on a corseted bodice with skater skirt that finished just below the knee. We had a few ideas on how we were going to create the rainbow-inspired skirt but didn’t want to lose the volume by using heavy fabrics. Using some inspiration from Zoe’s impressive research, we found that gathering layers of multicoloured tulle would be the easiest way to create the shape Zoe wanted. We also added in an underskirt that we kept separate so that Zoe could reuse it again under other dresses.

Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 10.24.40.png
Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 10.24.26.png

The great thing about having a bespoke wedding dress is that you can decide on and change little design features along the way. Zoe understood this completely and saw the benefits of designing your own dress. When it came to Zoe’s first fitting, we decided to change the shape of the straps as Zoe wanted more coverage without changing the shape of the sweetheart neckline.

IMG_3822 web.jpg

It took us a little while to source all the tulle colours that we needed in the pastel shades that Zoe wanted but we were really pleased with the end result. Turns out when gathering layers and layers of rainbow tulle, pins become your new best friend.

IMG_3887 web.jpg
IMG_3834 web.jpg
IMG_3891 web.jpg

We love it when brides add personal touches to their dress, which is why we loved Zoe’s idea of adding these embroidered patches to the skirt to look like rolling dice. Zoe and Jason’s theme of their wedding was board games, even to the point of their first dance was replaced by their first game (what a fab idea)!! So when Zoe said to us about including Meeples on her sash and rainbow polyhedra dice we thought it was a brilliant idea! After some minor tweaks, we decided that to make the most of the patches that Zoe had ordered, it was best to have the Meeples on the sash and the dice cascading down the skirt to symbolise her and Jason rolling the dice themselves. Zoe loved the idea! We always jump at the chance to add something personal to our brides dresses, whether it is something borrowed or an embroidered keepsake, as it makes every dress more and more unique.

IMG_4626 web.jpg
IMG_4932 web.jpg
IMG_4936 web.jpg

Ta-Da! I love this photo! We had just pinned on the last few embroidered patches and that was the last thing to do before the important pressing and packing. After a bit of deliberation, Zoe opted for a wide black satin sash as it contrasted against the range of colours perfectly. For the final touch, buttons to match each of the tulle colours and hand sewn in order to match the nursery rhyme.

IMG_4943 web.jpg
IMG_4934 web.jpg

Thank you so much to Andy Li Photography for sending through these amazing photographs from the wonderful day. We are extremely jealous that you got to spend the day at Zoe and Jason’s fun-filled wedding. I think you will agree with us when we say that Zoe looks absolutely amazing in her dress. The additional wild flower bouquet and halo and the iridescent Irregular Choice shoes really bring out, well, EVERY colour in the dress. Thank you so much Zoe for choosing us to make such a wonderfully unique dress and for letting us be a part of your wedding journey. It goes without saying that we are always here if you are in need of a cuppa and a mooch around Bridgnorth. We want to hear all about your day!!